Everyone Wants To Know–What Are The Best Scentsy Scents

As a purchaser and Scentsy party goer you want to know the Best Scentsy Scents.

Amanda the warmer girl is here to tell you the best Scentsy Scents.

As a director of Scentsy I have over two years experience selling Scentsy, buying Scentsy and of course burning and smelling Scentsy.  Believe me when I tell you I know all the Best Scentsy Scents and today I’m going to help you learn it too.

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Below is my list of the best Scentsy Scents, but first I want to explain to you my rating system.  Having a successful business selling Scentsy has provided me with a lot of bonuses outside of the monetary value.  I’ve gained get strides in selling, organizing and gaining and maintaining strong relationships.  Because of the relationships a organizational skills I’ve learned it has helped me to capture interesting statistics about Scentsy.  More notable is the learning popularity and repeat selling products.  I’ve created my list not just on sales alone but also on what seems to be trending.  When my customers buy some like the smell and some love the smell.

Below is the list of the most popular scents based on sales and most talked about, loved and adored.

Best Scentsy Scents

Black Rasberry Vanilla is not only a top seller but most often talked about by customers.

Perfectly Pomegranate is again another top seller and most talked about by customers.

Satin Sheets my best friend just loves this one and always tells me when she’s burning it.

Clean Breeze this one is my favorite.  I love clean smelling scents and this one is found at the top of the Clean category.

My Wish this one is found in the top favorite list of both Scentsy Bars as well as Scenty Bricks.  Always a top seller and one I often hear customers raving about.

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Best Scentsy Scents

Best Scentsy Scents

If you require more information don’t be afraid to call me or email me.  I love to talk Scentsy so feel free.

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You can email me at Amanda@warmergirl.com.